The Academy is a place of learning, situated in the city Belton, in Leratia. Professor Weldan and Kilraker work there, and Tyen, Miko, and Neel are students. The Academy would often sponsor archaeological expeditions, with the sole purpose of retrieving treasures to add to the Academy's collection.

The amount of female students is small, when compared to the amount of male ones. Women are not allowed to interact with men, with the only exception of staff. This rules are overseen by matrons, who stay with the women, and were in charge of their discipline.

The leader of the Academy is Director Ophen.


  • Library: apart from functioning as a common library, it also has a vault, to which only certain people have access. The Academy's most valuable treasures are stored here.
  • Dining Hall: meals are served at specified times, but students can enter the Hall at anytime.
  • Rooms: the students' rooms are built one on top of the other. Richer students usually pick the rooms in the first floor, whereas poorer ones are forced to use the cheaper ones, all the way to the top. The male students are separated from the female ones.
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