The Acceptance Ceremony is an initiation ceremony for new novices at the magician's Guild of Kyralia.

New intakes of novices are taken in twice a year - once at the end of the summer, and another intake in the winter.

New intakes and their families make their way to the Guildhall inside the University of the Guild. It is not uncommon for them to dress in formal dress, showing off the wealth of their family or House. Here they wait until they are called by either the Administrator, or the Administrator's assistant. From there, the new intakes line up and the families stay close behind. Once inside the Guildhall, the families take a seat behind the entrants, and they are all welcomed.

The rest of the ceremony is mostly formalities, with the Director explaining the Novice's Vow, getting the entrants to swear to obey the vow, and then asking if anyone would like to be a mentor to an entrant.

It goes from higher to lower hierarchy in the Guild, starting with the High Lord to common Guild Magicians. The magician or magicians who wish to become guardians then come front and face their future pupils and swear a special vow.

Finally, the Administrator and University Director welcome the new novices to the Guild, and wish them good luck in their education and finally conclude the ceremony.

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