He had the typical broad-shouldered stature of his race, but there was a little grey in his hair and the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth gave his face a cheerful expression.

The Ambassador's Mission
Character Information
Title(s) Ashaki
Nickname Achati
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Sachakan
Current Location Sachaka
Book Origin The Traitor Spy Trilogy

Achati is a powerful Sachakan Ashaki who is also King Amakira's envoy. He acts as a liaison between the Guild House and the King. He is also a major political player in Sachaka and a friend to the Sachakan King. One of Achati's tasks is to ensure that Dannyl, as Ambassador to Kyralia, is introduced to the right people in the right order. Achati is described as broad-shouldered and having a bit of grey in his hair.

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