His long fingers were curled around a wine glass.

The Magicians' Guild
Character Information
Title(s) High Lord Akkarin of the Magicians' Guild of Kyralia
Nickname Akkarin
Gender Male
Age 33
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Imardin
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

High Lord Akkarin, family Delvon, House Velan, is the High Lord of the Magician's Guild of Kyralia. After graduating as a Warrior, Akkarin travelled throughout the Allied Lands to write a book on ancient magic. When he returned five years later, he became High Lord.

Akkarin by kir tat-d8cw5v2

Fan art by DeviantArt user kir-tat


Born into the typical upper class, in Kyralia and trained at the Magicians' Guild, Akkarin demonstrated unusual strength for a novice, with his only close peer being his closest friend, Lorlen. He attributes his unusual strength to frequent bouts between them in practice, and trying to outdo one another. After specialising in Warrior Skills and graduating as a magician, he embarked on a multi-year voyage throughout the Allied Lands, seeking to research ancient magic, during which he read the Dorgon Scrolls of the Mahga religion, and rediscovered the Chamber of Ultimate Punishment. In this time he visited the Great Library of Capia, and met Tayend of Tremmelin who was then a young library assistant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Personal TriviaEdit

He has long dark hair which is tied at the nape - a style usually adopted by older people. Akkarin is very fond of wine, especially Anuren Dark - wine made from Vare berries.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

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