The Altar is where the White go to discuss matters and where the Gods can communicate with them.

The Altar is found inside the Dome in the centre of the dais. Inside there is a circular table with seats for all the White. The Altar has five sides which hinge upwards until their triangle points meet. Before each session they repeat a ritual;

"Chaia, Huan, Lore, Yranna, Saru. Once again we thank you for the peace and prosperity you have brought. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We thank you for the powers you have given us, that allow us to guide and help the men and women, old and young, of this world" - Spoken by Juran

"We thank you," - Spoken by all

"Today we will use the best of our wisdom in your service, but should we err in our judgement or work contrary to your great plans we ask you speak to us and make your wishes known." - Spoken by Juran

"Guide us" - Spoken by all

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