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Character Information
Title(s) Priestess/High Priestess/White
Nickname Owaya
Gender Female
Age 26
Species Human
Nationality Hanian
Current Location Si
Book Origin Priestess of the White

Auraya Dyer is the main character in the Age of Five Series. She lives in the village of Oralyn, out in the country in Hania. As a child she spent most of her time looking after her mother who was ill, but also learned basic magical skills by Avorim, the local priest. Despite others views, she seeks out Leiard the Dreamweaver to help her mother, and also learns about the nature around her.

Auraya tries to see all sides of an argument and naturally looks for what people want or need. As an adult she is described as being as tall as Dyara, but is thinner and has an angular face. She has brown hair and large eyes, which gives her a birdlike appearance.


During the Trilogy[]