• Sheepy-Pie

    Six years!

    September 4, 2015 by Sheepy-Pie

    I've realised that I've been working on this wiki for 6 years! I know it's not been constant work, nor is this wiki anywhere close to where I want it...

    But woo 6 years!

    And this is still (as far as I am aware) the only active TC wiki, AND the bets place to get info ;)

    Sheepy-Pie (talk) 08:18, September 4, 2015 (UTC)

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  • KaizeruRyuu

    So I was reading a wiki page about a certain character and the book I had just finished and I found myself puzzled... puzzled as to why in a spoiler section the name of someone who participated in an event was not detailed... despite being in a spoiler section >.>

    Pro tip: if it is in a spoiler section its best to give all the details, thats why its behind a spoiler section.

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  • Sheepy-Pie

    New changes

    May 29, 2014 by Sheepy-Pie

    The main page has been updated! Please stand by as we tweak it to make it as best as we can.

    Lots of thanks to Asnow89.

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  • Sheepy-Pie


    Orayln p2

    Dunwayan p7

    Temple p20

    Mairae p24

    The open p33, quote; p294

    Alter p40

    Link memories p118

    Jarime p133, 150(?), bay p158-59

    Arbeem temple p170

    Mind link p173/4

    Somrey/Hania p200

    Siyee p220

    Trei trei p224-26

    Link ring p 242

    Breem p255

    Danjin family p282

    Bower p313

    Emerahl (expand from notes) p354

    Brothel decor 356

    Siyee temple p371

    Gareilem p375

    Borra p430-1, (Lotw); p33

    Dreamweaver healing p502, (lotw) p427


    Thinkers quote; p1

    Reivan p7

    Aggen p10

    White forest p8, p13

    Sanctuary p48

    Si p54/58

    Star room walls p91

    Welcome tree p121/122

    Shar p132

    Temple of Hrun p152

    Wilds p171

    • p252/254

    Devlem p313

    Arbeem p332

    Genria p351

    Ruling p391

    Sou. Ith. p398

    • p492

    Karienne p515

    Chaia/Gods p 527


    • p21, p25
    • p34

    Emerahl p61

    • p172

    Dunway p208

    Hannya p226

    • p250-1
    • p253
    • p273-276
    • p300
    • p327
    • p395
    • p511
    • p514
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  • Magicaid

    It's been a year

    January 29, 2014 by Magicaid

    I can't believe it's been a year since I joined the wiki! The Magicaid user was created a few days after, but the real date when I joined this great wiki, was January the 28th, 2013. First wikiversary

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  • Sheepy-Pie

    Please put information which has been added in the comments so I can take them off my own notes

    I will add more soon

    (Council of Elders wear a gold sash) Ignore this one for now

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  • Sheepy-Pie

    Articles to check

    January 17, 2014 by Sheepy-Pie

    Notes on articles to check


    • Ladies in the Brothel
    • Orran
    • Gillen


    • Auraya
    • Mirar
    • Emerahl
    • Reet/Tyve


    • War of the Gods - add info on how they killed the gods and what Sorli did before killing herself.

    Needs work

    • Toren and other AotF countries
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  • Sheepy-Pie

    Wiki notes

    September 18, 2013 by Sheepy-Pie


    • Combine Guild Discipline articles into one, but keep Healing on it's own?
    • Delete the fan section? Or do something with it cause it's messy
    • Include Fan theories?
    • Categories;
      • More sorting of them :P
      • People into smaller groups - possibly by country?
    • Articles;
      • Add Relationships? IE - Choose the closest to character A which hasn't been elaborated in the article. So for Mirar, add a section about his relationship with Emerahl seeing as they have a long history which is relevant to the article, but is essentially extra info.
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  • CyBeRdrgn
    • On the Wiki
      • Wiki Activity
      • Random page
      • Videos
      • Photos
      • Forum
    • Kyralia Series
      • Main Characters
        • Sonea
        • Dannyl
        • Akkarin
        • Lorkin
        • Ceryni
      • Support Characters
        • Rothen
        • Regin
        • Tyvara
        • Fergun
        • Lorlen
        • Kariko
        • Anyi
        • Skellin
        • Lilia
        • Achati
      • Minor Characters
        • Dorrien
        • Yikmo
        • Poril
        • Takan
        • Tagin
        • Balkan
        • Vinara
        • Parika
        • Gol
        • Naki
      • Countries
      • Disciplines
        • Warriors
        • Healers
        • Alchemists

    ... Further analysis to come -- later.

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  • Sheepy-Pie
    • Tagin's family was of a weaker, less favoured House.
    • Tagin arrives to try and rescue her and she goes with him. killing two guards and Lord Towin
    • Three magicians and two apprentices killed next; Lord Valin, Magician Loral and Lord Greyer. They were identified by the charred scraps of their clothing
    • her idea to let the magicians catch her, convince them she had been Tagin’s prisoner, then drug them so she and Tagin could gain some distance or even get them off their trail. She had bought the tincture at a market, pretending to be suffering from insomnia and women’s pains but wanting something that didn’t taste foul. As the herbalist had recommended, Indria had mixed it into the magicians’ wine, taking care not to make it too strong and risk p…
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  • Sheepy-Pie


    March 20, 2013 by Sheepy-Pie

    • Malia described as buxom young woman. She tends to Jayan - also flirts with him
    • Narvelan got his ley because his predecessor Lord Gempel didnt have children
    • King Errik is a magician rumoured to not be strong - Dakon says it's not true. If he is accused of harming his kingdom, the lords of Kyralia decide if it is true and what action to take. He gets magic from other magicians, usually a small group of loyal friends as payment for a debt or favour.
    • gained control: Dakon 3, Jayan 3 1/2 which he says is because of Lord Gempel (Narvelan musn't have had his ley long)
    • Dakon read Hanara's mind
    • Errik descended from one of the men who negotiated independance.
    • Narvelan called the crazy emperor, crazy but clever. Hanara Betrayer's slave. Dakon managed to …

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  • Magicaid


    February 16, 2013 by Magicaid

    Sheepie-pie and Lady Sonea please check on sheepie-pie's talk pag for my last message

    Best regards,


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  • Magicaid


    February 12, 2013 by Magicaid

    Make an effort and compete to become the ranked 1 in the wiki

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  • Magicaid

    Lady Sonea

    February 12, 2013 by Magicaid

    Which are your favorite three books

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  • Magicaid

    Why so quiet

    February 12, 2013 by Magicaid

    People leave messages or blog posts

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  • Magicaid

    Hey everybody

    February 11, 2013 by Magicaid

    Please create articles

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  • Magicaid


    February 11, 2013 by Magicaid

    All who have ideas about badges tell sheepy pie

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  • Magicaid

    PLease help

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  • Magicaid

    Please help

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  • Magicaid


    February 11, 2013 by Magicaid

    I have some ideas for badges, my idea would be to have badges for creating articles, or creating articles in the wanted list.

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  • Sheepy-Pie

    Starting a blog

    February 11, 2013 by Sheepy-Pie

    I'm going to use this to write down my thoughts etc about the wiki in the future :)

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  • Magicaid

    I am new

    February 4, 2013 by Magicaid

    Please everybody, check my articles about Ardalen and Mikken.



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