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How to add character infoboxes

If you are in doubt you can leave a message on my page, or take a look at articles which are already up. The best article to look at is the Akkarin article, as it is the best! Any little bit of information makes a difference and can bring an article closer to being perfect :)


My new idea is to use the talk pages of articles to write what needs adding to the article, what [person] wants to add, what [person] wants adding. etc. I think it will help get articles completed :)

Needed Articles[]

The Magician's Apprentice[]

  • Genfel

Millenium Rule Articles[]

Thief's Magic

  • Leratian Empire
  • Leratia
  • Palga
  • Spirecastle/Tyeszal
  • Tomel
  • Dart
  • Orn
  • Fyre
  • Sa-Elem
  • Sa-Azurl
  • Stain
  • Tainted
  • Angel
  • Spiritual
  • Schpetza
  • Llura
  • Mountain Temple

Angel of Storms

  • Betzi
  • Weaver's Workshop
  • Grasch
  • Kolz
  • Doum

See Special:WantedPages for more uncreated (though I'll sort that out) and the category Incomplete Pages for unfinished articles.