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Character Information
Title(s) Thief
Nickname Cery
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Imardin
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

Ceryni, who is usually called Cery, is named after the rodent ceryni. His mother worked in the Dancing Slippers (a brothel), and his father, Torrin, was killed by The Thieves because he was a squimp. Most people believe Cery inherited his father's connections and think he is a Thieves man. He is second in Harrin's gang, until the events in The Magicians' Guild. Cery owns two daggers which have loops at the end so he can use his hands freely without dropping them. The blades have an image of a ceryni etched on. He also has yerim which have been made well balanced so he can throw them against the wall.

Ceryni by Shoujo85 on DeviantArt