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The Circlian-Pentadrian War was a religious fuelled battle that happened during the events of Priestess of the White. The war happened in the Plains of Gold, in Hania.

The Pentadrians, led by Kuar and the rest of the Voices invaded Northern Ithania, ordered by their gods. The White had no choice but defend themselves. The Circlian side was led by Juran and the rest of the White.


Circlian Army:[]

  • Country rulers: I-Portak from Dunway, Moderator Meeran from Somrey, King Berro from Toren, King Guire from Genria, and Speaker Sirri from Si. Only I-Portak and Speaker Sirri fought in the battle, as it is Dunwayan culture to fight with the army, and Sirri isn't easy to spot next to other Siyee. The other three observed from a war tent on the hill.
  • Priests/Priestesses and Dunwayan Fire Warriors.
  • The Siyee.
  • Ordinary soldiers from all nations.
  • Servants.

Pentadrian Army:[]

  • Ordinary soldiers.
  • Servants.
  • Slaves.

War Sequence[]