As a way of enlarging the knowledges of this wiki and attracting more contributors I am now setting the work that should be done weekly. It is not mandatory to finish all, it is just an idea of how much we should do weekly.

To-Do ListEdit

Each week I will be changing the aims in order to suit them better to the amount we can handle:

The list is in a weekly and in a groupal basis:

-7 Article creations. (6/7)

-7 Articles less from the Incomplete Pages Category.(2/7)

-Three overlooks of about 20 articles in a search for mistakes. (0/3)

-Two pictures or videos added to articles. (I know this is a hard one because there are not so much pictures about the books. Also includes slideshows) (2/2)

This would be all for this week. I will check the progress daily and will update it and will tell you next monday if the aims were fulfilled.

Please try to write down your progresses in the Edit Summary area at the top right corner of the page you are editing/creating.



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