Character Information
Title(s) Lord
Nickname Dakon
Gender Male
Age 40
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Sachaka
Book Origin The Magician's Apprentice

Lord Dakon of the family Aylendin is a magician who lives in Mandryn, in the Aylen Ley, which is situated in north east Kyralia. He has one apprentice, Jayan. His father was Lord Yerven, who owned the Ley before him, who was friends with Veran's father, Berin.

Dakon is a kind and fair man, who enjoys the country life, over the city. His Ley neighbour, Lord Narvelan, prompted him to join the Circle of Friends, a group looking out for the welfare of the country Leys. Dakon cares a lot about his people, and is willing to help them as best as he can.

Dakon's housemaster is Keron, and two of his six main servants are Cannia and Malia. Malia travels with Dakon to Imardin within The Magician's Apprentice for the first time as Cannia believes herself to be too old to do this trip.

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