Character Information
Title(s) Lord, Ambassador
Nickname Dannyl
Gender Male
Age 30s
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Imardin/Arvice
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

Lord Dannyl, Family Vorin, House Tellen, is a Guild magician, whose chosen discipline is Alchemy. Described as tall, his height is often intimidating to those who don't know him. He finds it difficult to place trust in people because of the rumours about him and an older boy which plagued him as a novice by fellow novice Lord Fergun. He was forced to confront others speculating and gossiping about him. However, Lord Rothen took pity on him, and became his mentor to help him focus back on magic, and Dannyl improved. Dannyl is roughly 30 years old.

As a full magician he has few friends, despite being described as friendly and charming. Lord Rothen remains his most trusted companion.

His alchemy work is mostly experiments with magic such as his thought imprinter which transfers images from the mind onto paper. The most success from this he has had is using special paper made from the leaves of anivope vines which hold the image for a few days - however they blur and lose colour after a few hours.

Strengths and AbilitiesEdit

In Elyne, Dannyl managed to survive the Chamber of Ultimate Punishment, which suggests that he is a powerful magician because High Lord Akkarin only just survived it during his travels, and he is said to be one of the strongest in the Guild. 

Also, we know that Dannyl is a good Healer because he was able to Heal Farand from poison, albeit with the help of Lady Vinara. Dannyl is also a very good ambassador as well as being a keen historian. He has unearthed many secrets about Kyralia's history, which many others have failed to find, showing a strength of character because he persevered through failures.

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