Capital City Kave
Monarch or Ruler Voices
Religion Pentadrian
Language Dekkan
Series The Age of the Five Trilogy

Map of Ithania

Dekkar is a country in Southern Ithania, and it shares a border with Avven and Mur. The capital of Dekkar is Kave.

Leader[edit | edit source]

The leader of Dekkar, commonly known as High Chieftain, is the political ruler of the southern country. After the death of the previous High Chieftain, and a period of mourning; any man or woman can enter the trials for the right of leader of Dekkar, but usually, only members of the royal bloodline will get to the official contest. A Pentadrian Voice will always direct the trials and the mourning period.

The Trials[edit | edit source]

Only five men or women get to the final stage of the trials, which lasts one day, and consists of a series of events that measure their knowledge, intelligence, morality, popularity, reputation, dedication to the gods, organizational and leadership skills, and magical abilities. At the end of the day, the Voice will announce the winner, after tallying the results from each individual event. Sabotage and cheating are punished by death during the trials.

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