The Dreamweavers were started by Mirar and he was killed by Juran. Dreamweavers were persecuted after his death for his actions of interfering with people's dreams to influence them, however the Dreamweavers say he was trying to tell them the truth about the Gods.


A greeting and farewell they use to each other is to touch their heart, mouth then forehead. They pass on link memories during links, which keeps older memories alive. This is how Mirar's true actions are passed down the generations, to remind people of the Gods' actions.

At the beginning of the link ritual words are spoken;

"We gather here tonight in peace and in pursuit of understanding. Our minds will be linked. Our memories shall flow between us. Let none seek or spy, or impose a will upon another. Instead, we shall become one mind."

At the end of the link more ritual words are spoken for self assertion. Links are also used to speed teaching and understanding to people.

Dreamweaver AbilitiesEdit

  • Mind Link: Dreamweavers have the ability to link mentally with other Dreamweavers and sharing thoughts and memories with them. They can also talk by using this method. At the end of each link it is required to practice the ritual of self-assertion for Dreamweavers to prevent shared memories to be thought as their own. Mind links can result in Link Memories, as all the Dreamweavers combine their memories and identities.
  • Dream Link: Dreamweavers have the ability to link during a specific moment in the process of dreaming. Using this method, Dreamweavers can talk to other Dreamweavers in the same phase of dreaming. They can also se it to manipulate their own dreams or other people's. They can project their own Dreams for other people to see an learn from them.
  • Healing: Dreamweavers posses more advanced healing knowledge compare to those of Circlians and Pentadrians. This knowledge is passed from masters to students via mind links. The first Dreamweaver to pass on this knowledge was their founder, Mirar.
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