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Capital City Capia
Monarch or Ruler King
Place of Interest The Great Library
Magical Strength High
Series Kyralia Series

Elyne is warm climate country which is known for its frivolity and wine.


It shares a border with Kyralia to the south, Lonmar to the north and Sachaka to the east. The land is wealthy due to fertile valleys and produce of wine, however there is some marshland in the north and mountains along the eastern and southern borders.

The capital is Capia and it is ruled by a monarchy to which the royal symbol is a fish jumping over grapes. There is a Lake District in Elyne, assumed to be located by Jenna Lake.


Elyne has a more open-minded society than Kyralia. However they are just as fond of gossip and scandal, particularly within the Elyne court. They indulge children, but are also protective of them. This is apparent in the way in which interaction between young boys and girls is regarded. When Elyne children join the Guild, girls are not allowed to be taught Control by male magicians, which led to a general rule about this being created for female novices.


Typical Elyne appearance is a light brown skin tone, with brown eyes and hair, however red curly hair is also common. They are generally short to average in height. Common male names end in "nd" and female names end in "-le". Aristocracy is made up of wealthy families, the males are known as "Dem" and the women as "Bel".

The Great Library[]

For more details on The Great Library, see The Great Library.

The Great Library of Elyne is older than the Guild. It is situated in Capia. Librarian Irand looks after it with the help of Tayend of Tremmelin.