...tall, thin man with typically black Kyralian hair, but his skin was darker than the norm - a pleasant golden hue. He was quite handsome in a sleek, groomed way.

The Magician's Apprentice
Character Information
Title(s) Lord
Nickname Everran
Gender Male
Age In his twenties
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Kyralia
Book Origin The Magician's Apprentice

Lord Everran of the family Korin is a city magician living in Imardin with his wife Avaria. He is described as being in his twenties and having a slightly darker complexion, as he has Sachakan in his bloodline.

Everran is a likeable smart young man, who Dakon believes came into his inheritance too young. However he has a good grasp of politics, and joins the Circle of Friends. Dakon is related to Everran - his father and Everran's grandfather were cousins. When Dakon's father came to Imardin, he stayed with Everran's grandfather, and Everran continued the gesture to Dakon after he inherited the house.

The family of Korin are wealthy, as seen by the fact Evveran's house is on fourth street. They own two wagons, one for everyday visits to other houses and the market, and one for visits to the Palace. The finer wagon is made of highly polished wood and gold fittings, finished with a cover of fine leather, impressed and painted with the family's incal.

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