At the far side of the room, sitting behind a table, was a dark-skinned man in black, slim fitting clothes. Startling pale yellow eyes examined them closely.

The Magicians' Guild
Character Information
Title(s) Thief
Nickname Faren
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Nationality Presumed Kyralian, mother from Lonmar
Current Location Kyralia
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

Faren is a Thief, named after a kind of eight legged arachnids. He is tall with dark skin and hair, and striking pale yellow eyes. His mother was from Lonmar and father was Kyralian sailor. Once his mother's family found out she had been with his father, they declared her tainted and scarred her. Faren's father saved her and took her to Imardin. Faren also has a sister called Kaira, who is described by Cery as looking like Faren, only pretty. Their mother had magic in her bloodlines, and her brother - Faren's uncle - is a magician.

When becoming a Thief, Faren learnt more about poisions because of his namesake.


Faren by Shoujo85 on DeviantArt

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