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Character Information
Title(s) Lord
Nickname Fergun
Gender Male
Age 30s
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Kyralia
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

... a fair haired man of about thirty, was handsome in a sleek, well-groomed way... Immaculately combed blonde hair gleamed from the light of the room. The man's eyes were half closed, his legs crossed and pointing at the High Lord.

The Magicians' Guild

Lord Fergun is of the Warrior discipline and he is weaker than the average magician. He is roughly in his late twenties and is described as attractive with pale neatly combed hair with fine, strong facial features. He claims that as a child he longed to be a soldier, but his parents forced him to attend the Guild.

Fergun was a novice in the guild at the same time as Dannyl. The pair were hostile however, and performed pranks on each other. Fergun maliciously started to spread rumours about Dannyl and an older novice, and claimed the two were romantically involved. This scandal severely tarnished Dannyl's reputation, even as an adult. Fergun continues to hold a hatred towards Dannyl as a magician, and goes so far as to ignore him, or make snide comments.