The Healers' Quarters is a round building in the Guild where all the Healing classrooms, treatment rooms, and also where the Healers private rooms are. Most of the Healers live here as it means a quicker response time to emergencies. It is the second one to be built as the first was knocked down when the other buildings were constructed. Before it was demolised and rebuilt, they had trouble with wealthy patients who assumed they could buy permanent residency.

The entrance hall is small and undecorated. The lower floor is dedicated to treating patients, and the upper floor is for lessons and for the Healers who live there. The patients' rooms are those with nice views and the interior rooms are treatment rooms.

Treatment rooms are used for minor healing and simple treatments. The room is small and contains a bed, a cupboard and chairs. At the centre of the building are Healing rooms which are bigger than the treatment rooms, major healing and surgery are done in these rooms. Above these rooms are medicine preperation rooms. Healers who specialise in making medicines work there and lower down fresh medicines when needed via chutes.

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