Healing is one of the three disciplines in The Black Magician Trilogy, specifically known only by Guild Magicians in the Allied Lands. The healing discipline is denoted by green robes. Healing is more than curing wounds, novices also learn about medicine and the body.

At the beginning of The Magicians' Guild Lady Vinara is Head of Healing, and Lord Telano is Head of Healing Studies.

Healing DisciplineEdit

Healing is said to be the most complex of the three disciplines, as it takes a vast knowledge of biology to tap into this power, however all novices are given a basic understanding of how to do it, enough that they can heal most of their own ailments e.g. sores, illnesses and muscular pain. Healing is gradual, and can only take place via skin-to-skin contact, and usually with the agreement of the person being healed as their natural magical protection can act as a barrier.

Continuous HealingEdit

Healing can also be used by Magician on themselves, this continuous healing allows magicians to have a much longer lifespan than those without magic.

Behavioural HealingEdit


Healing is also present in the Age of Five Series.

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