Character Information
Title(s) Magician
Nickname Herrol
Gender Male
Age 60s
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Unknown
Current Location Kyralia
Book Origin The Mad Apprentice

Magician Herrol, family Agyll, House Parin is the teacher to Tagin who lives out in the country. His wife died ten years prior, and his five children were grown and married. He returned to the country after living in the city, but his home was only a day's ride from the city, and only a few hours ride from Demrel and Indria. He was a well liked man in the Guild, described as good humoured and intelligent.

In his house, Herrol has a big library of mainly inherited books, including books on strategy, fighting, and planning battles.

Despite being his apprentice, Tagin believes him to be an old and boring teacher, and thinks whatever Herrol teaches him is worthless.

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