(CAN I EDIT THIS?!) Articles are really easy to edit. Start by clicking on the "edit page" of any article page you wish to edit. From here you will see three heading at the top "Text appearance", "Insert", and "Controls".

Text Appearance deals with how you want the text to be or look like, although these are rarely changed in the articles here. Keyboard shortcuts apply also, so if you want bold click CTRL+B, italic CTRL+I, underline CTRL+U.

Insert is for pictures, galleries, tables etc, and controls is for undo, redo, widescreen and source. These are pretty straightforward. Source can be useful if links go funny and aren't editable and also for easier edits, however i would only recommend using this if you have a little knowledge on how to do so.

At the bottom of the page there are more things where you can add categories to pages by clicking Add category and typing out the category the article belongs to. Here is a list of all the categories: . You can also add a Summary to what you have edited (not necessary though), save the page, preview your edits and choose whether you have done a minor edit (such as a spelling edit) and whether you want to watch the page. Watching the page means you will be emailed when an edit has been done to a page. When previewing a page you can click the down arrow button to take you back down to the editing screen.

Specific editing tools

When typing out your content there are a few tools which may be useful;

Putting [[ ]] around a word will link it to an article with that name. You can also change the link text by putting it after the article name broken with a | . For example [Article name|Linked text]

We have a spoiler tag for each book; spoiler tags use {{ }}

{Spoiler} - For if you cant remember what stuff is from

{spoilerTMA} - For The Magician's Apprentice spoilers

{spoilerTMG} - For The Magician's Guild spoilers

{spoilerTN} - For The Novice spoilers

{spoilerTHL} - For The High Lord spoilers

{spoilerTAM} - For The Ambassador's Mission spoilers

{spoilerTR} - For The Rogue spoilers

{spoilerTTQ} - For The Traitor Queen spoilers

{spoilerPOTW} - For Priestess of the White spoilers

{spoilerLOTW} - For Last of the Wilds spoilers

{spoilerVOTG} - For Voice of the Gods spoilers

There is a category with articles which are incomplete, but they are also kept with a list of articles to be made and some miscellenous information to add to articles. We keep this here: which is the Talk Page of the Main Page. You can click on the tab from the main page to get there also.

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