Capital City Unknown
Monarch or Ruler Ruler
Place of Interest Unknown
Magical Strength Presumed High
Series Kyralia Series

Map of the lands

Igra is a country north-east of Kyralia beyond Lonmar and Duna. It is a mostly unknown country, but presumed a hot climate, similar to Lonmars. Skellin and his mother come from Igra, and are described as having inky black skin. Roet is highly likely to have originated from Igra, as it was unknown before Skellin arrived to the Allied Lands. The Guild had no references of Igra.

Magic in Igra is frowned upon, even though the Igrese ruler has an army of magicians at his disposal. Black Magic is thought to be unknown in Igra as Lorandra thought that she could resist a mind-read from a Black Magician, however as the ability to read an unwilling mind is not actually linked to black magic, it is not conclusive.

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