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Imardin is the capital city of Kyralia. It is home to the Magician's Guild of Kyralia, as well as the Kyralian King and his Palace.

Imardin was said to have been levelled during the Sachakan War, which is later theorised that it was in fact Tagin who did it upon his death. The city was rebuilt and the Houses took the opportunity to set out a new city plan. First a wall was put around the remains of the King's Palace, and another was put around the city. The Outer Wall was constructed a few decades later and the old city was renamed the Inner Circle, the new area was divided up into quarters. The East Quarter was given to the magicians in gratitude for saving them and driving out the invaders.

The Purge takes place every year, carried out by the Guild magicians. This is an attempt to drive out the vagrants and beggars from the city. Imardin has a Marina which was built and is sustained by the Guild and adjoining it is the Tarali River. Imardin's market is found between the Marina and the West Quarter. The Inner Circle is where the Houses live and those who are less wealthy live in the north, west and south quarter. The whole of the west quarter is given to the Guild.

Imardin is very close to the sea.