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Capital City Imardin
Monarch or Ruler King Merin
Place of Interest The Magician's Guild of Kyralia
Magical Strength High
Series Kyralia Series

Kyralia is a cool climate country which is the main country of focus in Kyralia Series. It is divided up by districts, with the capital Imardin being in the Southern District. Kyralia is part of the Allied Lands, which it also began.


Kyralia is surrounded by Elyne to the North-West and Sachaka to North-East. Lonmar is situated above Elyne. The Greybelt Mountains separate the country from Elyne, and the Steelbelt Mountains separate it from Sachaka. Below Kyralia is surrounded by sea, but to the South-East are the Vin Islands and Lan. Kyralia is ruled by a monarchy and the royal Symbol is a mullook, which is the House incal of the current King, King Merin. There are five ways to get out of Kyralia: You can either travel by ship or use one of the four passes in the mountains, to Elyne, you can pass through Greyfort pass, and to Sachaka you can pass through Corres Fort, through the South Pass or through the North Pass, where the Fort is located.


There are three different types of coin used in Kyralia; gold (which have round holes), silver (which have square holes) and coppers (which have triangle holes). The coins can go on short pieces of wood with the right shape, and when they reach the top they are called a cap.

The Magician's Guild of Kyralia[]

For more details on The Magician's Guild, see Guild.

The Magician's Guild of Kyralia is where all magicians go to learn magic and also most Kyralian magicians live. Magicians from the Allied Lands either stay there or go back to their homeland. The Guild symbol is a diamond with a Y diving it.

Magician's start their training at about 15-16 and are novices for 5 years. After graduation they choose one of three disciplines.


Typical Kyralian appearance is dark hair (often black) and eyes with pale skin. They are mostly tall and thin. The upper class civilians are made up of Houses which contain many families and live in the Inner circle. The lower class civilians mostly live in the poorer areas such as the Outer circle where the slums are. Kyralian blood is high with magical potency compared to other countries, so Kyralia produces more magicians. Typical male names end in "l" or "n", whilst female names end in "-ia".