Kyrima is a game played by magicians at the time of The Magician's Apprentice. It was banned by the Sachakans during their occupation of Kyralia but came back after Kyralia's independence 300 years ago. The reason the Sachakans banned it is because it teaches magicians effective battle strategies.


At the start of the game, each player (usually played with two people) selects their pieces - a magician and a number of "sources" decided by the roll of a dice. Another dice throw decides the strength of the magician. The pieces are then given shields and are suspended in the air with magic. Items are then positioned between the pieces as obstacles.

The players then take turns to arrange pieces, with the current non active player unable to see the moves.

During the game, the player can elevate source pieces to magicians, at the cost of losing a power supply. A new round energises the sources representing a nights rest, and the magician piece can take energy from them again.

Kyrima can also be played with the magician pieces as Sachakan magicians, not Kyralian. Sachakan magician pieces are allowed to kill sources to give the magician extra points.

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