Ancient Kyralia

Leys are the subdivisions in Kyralia during the times of the Sachakan War. These are seen in The Magician's Apprentice map. All leys have an owner.

The leys disappeared after the Sachakan invasion.


These are the leys which separate Kyralia, along with their owners, if known.

  • Amyena
  • Aylen: Lord Dakon
  • Bynan
  • Copar
  • Corres
  • Danberrin
  • Eyren: Lord Bolvin
  • Felgar: Lord Ruskel
  • Kessar
  • Kyran
  • Logran
  • Loran: Lord Narvelan
  • Mayce
  • Morgin
  • Noven: Lord Gilar
  • Parvel
  • Pavarin
  • Songer
  • Stellan
  • Torkar
  • Vinar
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