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Capital City Jebem
Monarch or Ruler Council of Elders
Place of Interest Spendid Temple
Magical Strength Low
Series Kyralia Series

Map of the lands

Lonmar is a hot climate country with a strict outlook.


Lonmar is situated to the north-west. Below it resides Elyne, and below that the rest of the Allied Lands. Lonmar is a hot country with a desert in it's north, marshlands in the south and mountains in the north-east. The capital is Jebem and the country is ruled by a Council of Elders made of of leaders of the Greater Clans.

Religion and outlook[]

Their religion is Mahga which is conservative, with strict social restraints and restrictions on women. Theft is considered a great evil to them and that if they did, no matter how small, they lost a portion of their soul. Lads are also frowned upon, and if caught having relations with another man, they are executed.


Typical appearance of a Lonmar is dark brown skin (described as almost blue-black), green or amber eyes and black curly hair. They have a medium height and a slim build. Typical male names contain double consonants like "yk", with female names ending in "-ra".