Canavan's Books Wiki

This is a list of words used by the slum dwellers.

Blood Money - Payment for assassination

Boot - Refuse/refusal : don't boot us

Capper - Man who frequents brothels

Clicked - Occured

Client - Person who has an obligation or agreement with a Thief

Counter - Whore

Done - Murdered

Dull - Persuade to keep silent

Dunghead - Fool

Dwells - Term used to describe slum dwellers

Eye - Keep watch

Fired - Angry : got fired about it

Fish - Propose/ask/look for (also someone fleeing the Guard)

Gauntlet - Guard who is bribable or in the control of a Thief

Goldmine - Man who prefers boys

Good go - A reasonable try

Got - Caught

Grandmother - Pimp

Gutter - Dealer in stolen goods

Hai - A call for attention or expression of surprise or inquiry

Heavies - Important people

Kin - A Thief's closest and most trusted

Knife - Assassin/hired killer

Messenger - Thug who delivers or carries out a threat

Mind - Hide : minds his business/I'll mind that for you

Mug - Mouth (as in vessel for bol)

Out for - Looking for

Pick - Recognise/understand

Punt - Smuggler

Right-Sided - Trustworthy/heart in the right place

Rope - Freedom

Rub - Trouble : got into some rub over it

Shine - Attraction : got a shine for him

Show - Introduce

Space - Allowances/permission

Squimp - Someone who double-crosses the Thieves

Style - Manner of perfoming business

Tag - Recognise (also means a spy, usually undercover)

Thief - Leader of a criminal group

Watcher - Posted to observe something or someone

Wild - Difficult

Visitor - Burglar