The High Lord's closest friend, Lorlen had become the former Guild Administrator's assistant at Akkarin's suggestion. When the Administrator retired, two years past, Lorlen had taken his place. Lorlen had proven to be well-suited to the position. He was efficient, authoritative, and, most importantly, approachable.

The Magicians' Guild
Character Information
Title(s) Administrator of the Magicians' Guild of Kyralia
Nickname Lorlen
Gender Male
Age 30s
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Imardin
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

Lorlen is the Administrator of the Guild and wears blue robes. His assistant is Lord Osen who will likely take over after Lorlen. Before Lorlen became Administrator, he was a Healer until he became the late Administrator's assistant at the suggestion of Akkarin.

Lorlen is a typical Kyralian, he is tall and slim with long dark brown hair and eyes. He is said to look like Akkarin but with softer features. Akkarin is his best friend as has been since they first met as novices. They almost rivalled each other in magical power at this stage, though Akkarin appeared to be slightly stronger.

Strengths and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Lorlen is said to be the second strongest in his year of intake and the second strongest in the Guild during the Black Magician Trilogy. He is said to have always competed with Akkarin as a novice and the two excelled because of it but Akkarin always won and Lorlen therefore felt second best. 

Lorlen was very kind and compassionate and very able in his position as Administrator. He was a Healer before he became Administrator and is said to have been very skilled at it and his knowldedge of Healing is very in-depth. Despite the fact that he didn't choose to become a warrior, Akkarin says that he is very skilled and able to beat Sonea, a stronger magician than himself. 

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