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Trudi Canavan's latest book was just released a few weeks ago! Here is a brief summary about the book:

In a world where an industrial revolution is powered by magic, Tyen, a student of archaeology, discovers a sentient book in an ancient tomb. Vella was once a young sorcerer-bookbinder, until she was transformed into a useful tool by one of the greatest sorcerers of history. Since then she has been gathering information, including a vital clue to the disaster Tyen’s world faces.

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Unquestioning obedience is for slaves, the uneducated and the pathetic



  • Trudi Canavan Fan Festival 2016
    • Click here here for the full article
  • Orbit are look for Trudi fans to submit their creative Canavan inspired works including;
    • Cosplay and costume design
    • Knitting/sewing/amigurumis
    • Bookbinding, calligraphy, cartography
    • Fanart: painting, drawing, sculpture and woodwork
    • Fan essays or poetry
    • Jewellery-making
    • Fan websites
    • Song-writing and filks
    • Fanmixes (playlists inspired by your favourite Canavan character or book)
  • Deadline 12th September and pieces can be submitted to


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