Millo might not be overjoyed by his life, but neither was he unhappy with it.

— Leiard
Character Information
Title(s) None
Nickname Millo
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Nationality Hanian
Current Location Unknown
Book Origin Priestess of the White

Millo Baker is a Hanian man who is married to Tanara and has a son named Jayim. They live in Jarime, in an apartment block they inherited.

After Jayim decided to become a Dreamweaver, the couple transformed their home into a Safehouse, in order to offer lodging to Dreamweavers. They live on the second floor of their building, and rent the bottom floor to shop keepers. Millo rarely joins his family during the morning meal and is described as a quiet man who knows the value of being content rather than happy. He has a brother who lives in the north.

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