The Pentadrian Sanctuary is the Pentadrian cult's administrative headquarters. It is located in Avven's capital city, Glymma. The Pentadrian Sanctuary houses the five Voices and their Companions, as well as many Servants and domestics. It is divided in three main areas: Lower, Middle and Upper Sanctuary; these areas are one on top of the other, they are connected by stairs and corridors.The Pentadrian Sanctuary's most important room is the Star Room, where they celebrate the most important ceremonies; this room is star-shaped an is painted black. 

Lower SanctuaryEdit

It is the area where the Servants and Dedicated Servants live. The entrance to the Pentadrian Sanctuary is also located in this area. It is described as a maze of buildings that are cut by a straight corridor. It is usually very crowded by Servants and visitors. There, the Voices deal with the public. There are passages that branch from the main corridor that connect it to the Middle Sanctuary and there is one, wide, but usually empty passageway that connects it to the Upper Sanctuary. There is a temple to a dead god in the lowest part of the Lower Sanctuary; the Pentadrians use it a a storage room and seldomly, as a dungeon.

Middle  SanctuaryEdit

It is described as having white rendered walls and big courtyards. It is mainly a connection between the Upper and the Lower Sanctuary. It is full of utilitary rooms and staircases that connect it to the Upper Sanctuary.

Upper SanctuaryEdit

It is the most sacred area of the Pentadrian Sanctuary. Here, the Voices live and perform many private ceremonies. The Star Room is also located in this area. Only special guests, the Voices, and their companions and servants are allowed in this area. To get to the Upper Sanctuary people can either take one of the many passages and staircases that connect it to the Middle Sanctuary or they can use the single, wide passageway that connects it to the Lower Sanctuary.

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