Character Information
Title(s) Apprentice
Nickname Refan
Gender Male
Age 17
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Unknown
Book Origin The Magician's Apprentice

Refan is apprentice to Lord Prinan, he is around 17 years old. He is said to be younger than Mikken, but older than Leoran. He appears in The Magician's Apprentice.

First AppearanceEdit

Apprentice Refan appears for the first time during an "Apprentices Reunion", he is sitting at a table with Aken, Leoran and Mikken while Jayan is taking a shower and Tessia is getting food, while staying at an abandoned windmill at Noven ley. When Tessia states that she is not willing to start a romance with any apprentice during the war, nor after it, Refan appears to be blushing about her comment.

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