'He was middle aged or older. Though his dark hair was streaked with grey, his eyes were blue and lively. Wrinkles around his eyes and mouth gave him a good-humoured expression. He looked like a gentle, fatherly man...'

The Magicians' Guild
Character Information
Title(s) Lord, Head of Alchemical Studies
Nickname Rothen
Gender Male
Age approx. 47
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Imardin
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

Lord Rothen is a middle aged (roughly 43) magician with greying hair. He took up the Alchemy discipline and is a chemistry teacher in the Guild. He had a wife Yilara, but she died of an incurable disease, together they have a son Dorrien.

As a novice he was guided by his Mentor Lord Margen. Rothen took up Dannyl's guardianship when he was a novice because of the rumours spread about him and helped him get his mind back on learning.

Rothen lives in the Magicians' Quarters and his servant is Tania. He frequently spends time with his friends Yaldin (an old friend of Lord Margen) and his wife Ezrille, who look after him somewhat.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rothen is a powerful magician, excels at teaching and has helped many novices in his life, either by having their guardianship, as with Dannyl and Sonea, or by teaching them chemistry and allowing them to understand it fully. 

He is a powerful warrior and can think of good strategies against the enemy. However, due to his lack of interest, he never excelled at the subject. Furthermore, he is a well reasoned man with compassion and caring and is said to be very approachable. 

And as Lord Dannyl quoted "he seems to have a gift for picking the novices most likely to get into trouble."

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