The Sanctuary is where the Traitors live, hidden away from the rest of Sachaka. It is situated in the Empire mountains, most likely to the west. The Sanctuary is run by the Table of Traitors which lead their people, made up of women as men cannot hold a position of power. The Traitors use magical gemstones to perform common tasks, such as illuminating or storing power.

The Table is made up 5-6 Speakers, who have a specific role, a Director and the Queen.

The closest settlement is the Tanner's Huts, which is directed by Savara.

Known Places in Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

  • Men's Room: Almost all men live here.
  • Women's Room: Almost uninhabited place as most women live in private rooms.
  • Private rooms: Most women use this places, can also be used as temporary rooms.
  • Queen's quarters: The private rooms of the Queen.
  • Care Room: A sort of hospital, directed by Kalia.
  • Sewers: Sanctuary's waste disposal areas, Tyvara worked here as a punishment.
  • Speaker's Chamber: All Traitor meetings are held here.
  • Stone caves: The caves in which the stones grow and the gem-makers work.

History[edit | edit source]

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