The Siyee are a small race (about the size of a human child) who are light, fragile and have few magical Gifts. They have delicate bones which are easily broken. The thumb and forefinger are the only parts not in the structure of their wings, and their hands are useless for tasks that require strength. The Siyee live mostly in the mountains of Si, however there are tribes who live in flatter areas, and also by the sea. The Siyee language has changed, and has evolved into whistles, rather than words.

Siyee HistoryEdit

The Siyee were created by Huan from humans and she intended them to trap animals, grow grain, and vegetables, and collect fruit and nuts for food. After the first true Siyee were created, Huan told them that they must marry within tribes to help breed stronger Siyee, as many infants were born with issues such deformities, which led to many deaths. Later on, Huan relaxed the rule as many healthy Siyee were born, however a few Siyee still hold on to the belief of marriage within a Tribe.

Tribes are groups of Siyee who live in a certain area, which are led by a Speaker. There were fifteen tribes in Si, but the West Forest tribe was killed thanks to Toren settlers, other tribes lost a few but were able to remain a Tribe. The survivors of the West Forest Tribe merged with other tribes. The Snake River tribe were driven from their village, which is where Drilli is from. They stayed in the Open with The Bald Mountain tribe, which Tryss is apart of. The Siyee ambassadors Tireel and Zeeriz are from the Green Lake tribe and Fork River tribe.

Siyee CultureEdit

When Siyee spread their wings at people, it is a gesture reserved for only the people they trust, as they are showing their most vulnerable parts. Siyee also feel crowded when flying close together, so they stay at a good distance. This makes talking to each other hard, however their whistles are easier to communicate in the air. During longer flights they play whistling games.

One Siyee rule is that when you arrive somewhere, the host must offer some food and a drink even if they are your enemy. This is because Siyee cannot hold much weight, so carrying food must be kept as small as possible.

When Siyee marry, they end their childhood and are expected to work such as gathering food, making bowers, and fighting. Siyee must be together for two years before they can divorce. If they marry without consent, their Tribe do not have to throw a celebration and their parents aren't obliged to accompany them in their bower. A Speaker cannot refuse the rite is asked formally.

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