He was a full head taller than Dakon, and his broad shoulders and wide face added to the impression of bulk. Beneath a layer of soft fat was the frame of a typical Sachakan - strong and big.

The Magician's Apprentice
Character Information
Title(s) Ashaki/Ichani
Nickname Takado
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Sachakan
Current Location Sachaka
Book Origin The Magician's Apprentice

Takado is a Sachakan Ashaki who visits Lord Dakon while visiting many areas of Kyralia. After beating his slave Hanara to near death, he leaves him behind in Dakon's care. Dakon releases Hanara, and offers him work at his house.

At Dakon's residence, he is very fickle with food, and has a large appetite. If he recognises a dish he has been served before, whether he liked it or not he will reject it. He also dislikes most dishes served to him.

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