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Character Information
Title(s) Scholar; Elyne Ambassador
Nickname Tayend
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Nationality Elyne
Current Location Capia/Arvice
Book Origin The Black Magician Trilogy

Once again, Dannyl was impressed by the scholar's striking appearance. Dressed in dark blue, his red-blond hair tied back, Tayend looked very much at place in the court.

The Novice

Tayend of Tremmelin, youngest of the Tremmelin family, is a helper at The Great Library and becomes Lord Dannyl's assistant in The Novice. He has an older sister called Mayrie and his father is an important member of the Elyne court. Tayend himself attends court when necessary, although he dislikes this duty. He shows enthusiasm for learning and study, and speaks several languages. He is eager to travel throughout the Allied Lands, but unfortunately suffers from sea-sickness.

Tayend by The tabby tiger on DeviantArt