Character Information
Title(s) Apprentice, Lady
Nickname Tessia
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Human - Magician
Nationality Kyralian
Current Location Presumed Imardin
Book Origin The Magician's Apprentice

Tessia was born in the border Ley of Aylen, in Mandryn to the local healer Veran and his wife, Lassia. She initially trained as her father's assistant before the emergence of her latent magical ability, after which she became apprentice to the local landownder, Lord Dakon. Her grandfather was Berin, a healer who was invited to live in Mandryn by Lord Yerven; Lord Dakon's father.

Tessia gained control in two weeks and learns by seeing everything in reference to her physical self. It could come from being healer but Jayan thinks it is more than that. When shown how to use magic in a certain way, she grasps concept immediately and understands all the variations.

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