The Ambassador's Mission
The Ambassador's Mission sm
Author Trudi Canavan
Release date May 2010
ISBN 9781841495910
Kyralia Series

Sonea is horrified when her son, a year past graduation, volunteers to join a group of Guild Ambassadors travelling to Sachaka. When word comes that he has gone missing she is desperate to search for him, but she cannot leave without breaking the law that prevents Black Magicians from leaving Imardin.

When Cery comes to her for help after most of his family has been murdered, she learns that the Thieves have been waging a deadly underworld war for several years. Suspicious deaths have the Guild worrying that rogue magicians may be involved.

And Lorkin, Sonea and Akkarin’s son, learns that the black magicians of Sachaka are not the only dangerous and secretive power within that ancient and wasted land.

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  • French Edition
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