She thought of the Dome, the old ball-like stone structure next to the Novices' Quarters. The thick walls had protected outsiders from stray strikes loosed by the combatants within, yet had restricted the view of the battle to teachers and students.

— The Novice
  • Map of the Guild
  • Map of the Guild

The Dome is a building in the Guild which was used for training and formal battles before the construction of the Arena. It looks like a smooth white ball which has been sunk into the ground. It has a plug like door which can only be opened inwards and its walls are three paces thick. The Dome was used for lessons, however the onlookers would have to be able to shield theirselves properly from any stray magic, which is why the Arena is now commonly used. The Dome now services as extra room, and a secure space to hold a magician before a trial.

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