The Guard are a group of soldiers who look after the streets of Imardin in Kyralia, who are employed by the King. Their uniform consists of stiff boiled-leather coats and iron helmets, and they carry around wooden shields and kebin - iron bars which are used as cudgels, with a hook attached above the handle designed to catch an attacker's knife. The day to day duties of the soldiers includes standing guard at the various gates in the city and patrolling the city, especially the Inner Circle. There are many halls in the city which are used by the Guard.

During the Purge, the guards stand in alley entrances to guide people deeper into the Slums, however they rarely leave their position in case people take advantage and slip past them. It is common for guards to be assaulted by slum youths using papea dust.

Twice a year the Guard stand at the Guild gates when the intake of new novices arrive. They are there mostly for formality, rather than function, however.

Captain Arin is military advisor to King Merin, and keeps pushing for the Outer Wall to be rebuilt.

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