The High Lord
UK high lord 150x250
Author Trudi Canavan
Release date 2003
ISBN 978-1-904233-68-8
Kyralia Series

Sonea has learned much in the Magicians' Guild. Over the past year, Regin has come to ignore her and the other novices treat her with a grudging respect. But she can never forget what she witnessed in High Lord Akkarin's underground room, or his warning that Kyralia's ancient enemy is watching the Guild closely.

Her old friend Cery now has an influential position among the Thieves, and good connections in high and low places. When an exotic stranger offers to help him with a secret task, Cery knows he should refuse, but then...

As Akkarin reveals more of his knowledge, Sonea does not know who to believe, or what she most fears. Could the truth be as terrifying as the High Lord claims? Or is he trying to trick her into assisting him with his dark schemes?

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