The Thieves are a group of underworld leaders. They have tunnels under the slums and city called the Thieves Road. It covers most of the city, and even joins up to the Guild's underground passages. The road doesn't cover all the parts of the Inner Circle.

They make deals with people who are looking for money. People who are in a deal with them are called clients, and if they betray them they are called squimps and do not live for very long.


Named after the creature which is black with eight legs and is poisonous.


Ravi is named after the rodent ravi, he is described as a small, swarthy man with a pointy nose and beady eyes. He let Cery use the Thieves Road because of his fathers work. His second is Lord Senfel, a magician who deserted the Guild to join the Thieves by faking his own death.

Gorin Edit

Gorin has a deep voice and is bulky with muscle. He has thick curly hair and a woolly beard.


She has a pointy nose and red hair.


Is bald. Territory includes the Market


Has a beard and bushy eyebrows. Apparently has a good tailor! Territory includes the market.

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