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The Traitor Queen
The Traitor Queen
Author Trudi Canavan
Release date Aug. 2012
ISBN 978-1841495958
Kyralia Series

The Traitor Queen is the third and final book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy.

Buoyed by the news that her son is coming home, Sonea prepares to meet with the Traitors on behalf of the Guild. Then news comes that the Sachakan king has imprisoned Lorkin and suddenly her journey has another purpose. As she journeys through Sachaka with her former enemy Regin, she realises how much he cares about her. Sonea‘s Reborn story has: Adventure, romance and comical parts. ‘This is a well fitting end for Sonea and her story. I enjoyed every moment!’

In Arvice, Dannyl’s battle to free Lorkin brings him into conflict with Ashaki Achati. He does not know if he can trust the Sachakan. Not at all, if Tayend is right. But do Tayend’s suspicions spring from good political instincts, or jealousy?

Easily evading capture by the Guild, only one obstacle lies between the Rogue and his ambition to rule the underworld: Cery. Forced to his hiding place of last resort, protected by Lilia, Cery must wait for the Guild to find his enemy. Roet is being used all over kyrilia and is making many magicians uncontrollably addicted to this drug. But is Black Magician Kallen purposefully failing in his task?

Knowing he doesn’t want to leave his Mother and guild nor Tyvara and the Traitors Lorkin must decide where his loyalties lie, because either choice will demand a great sacrifice.

‘And when Lorkin does return home maybe, eventually he will have a new family to return to and know it is safe and welcome.’ Sonea.

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