The Traitor Spy Trilogy is the sequel to The Black Magician Trilogy. It is set 20 years on from the end of The High Lord.

The trilogy is made up of The Ambassador's Mission, The Rogue and The Traitor Queen.

The Traitor Spy Trilogy takes place a generation after the events of The Black Magician Trilogy. Black Magic is no longer forbidden to Guild magicians, but the knowledge and practice of it is severely restricted. The underworld’s shaky alliance is long abandoned, and someone is killing off Thieves. The Allied Lands maintain peaceful relations with Sachaka, fearing they may face worse than invasion by a band of Ichani outcasts. One young magician learns that a form of magical defence may exist that could allow the Guild to reject black magic without leaving itself vulnerable, and seeking this takes him places he – and the Guild – never knew existed.

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