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Tribes are groups of Siyee who live throughout Si. Each tribe has a representative, known as a speaker. The Bald Mountain Tribe's speaker Sirri is also the Head Speaker for the Siyee. Usually members of a tribe are all distant relatives, and most marriages usually are between two siyee from the same tribe. This has relaxed a lot in recent times as there are less problems for the Siyee to face.

List of Tribes[]

  • Bald Mountain Tribe: Speaker Sirri. They are located in the Open.
  • Blue Lake Tribe: Speaker Dylli
  • Fire Mountain Tribe
  • Fork River Tribe
  • Green Lake Tribe: Speaker Iriz
  • North Forest Tribe
  • North River Tribe: Speaker Veece
  • Sand Tribe: Speaker Tyrli. They are located on the coast, and frequently trade with the Elai.
  • Snake River Tribe: Styll
  •  Sun Ridge Tribe: Speaker Tyzi
  • Temple Mountain Tribe: Speaker Ryliss
  • Twin Mountain Tribe
  • West Forest Tribe

There are other three tribes whose names are unknown.