Character Information
Title(s) None
Nickname Tryss
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Siyee
Nationality Bald Mountain Tribe
Current Location Si
Book Origin Priestess of the White

Tryss is a young Siyee who loves to invent, though due to his confidence he does it alone away from others. He belongs to the Bald Mountain Tribe and lives in the Open in his parent's bower.

His family include; his parents Tiss and Trilli, his uncle Till, Trill and Vissi his aunts, and Ziss and Trinn who are his cousins.

In his spare time, Tryss made a harness which helps to injure animals, and be used for attack and defense. He tested it out to show others, and ended up gaining the help of Drilli who added a blowpipe to the contraption. He then showed the harness out to the entire group of Siyee, who realised the potential in the device.

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